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I gobble up books! There are times when I come across one that speaks to me. I just finished A Handful of Pebbles by Sara Alexi. There were so many passages that spoke to me I felt I had to share them.  I have copied a few of those below and shared my thoughts following each one.

“Life is exactly what it is. War, peace, your tooth hurts, the ouzo bottle’s empty, you win the lottery. It is what it is at any given moment. Accept that and you are content.”
How much anxiety is created by not accepting where you are? Acceptance is a mighty big word. It all goes back to the journey. Enjoying the journey and not feeling anxiety because you either have not reached the destination yet or you have no idea what that destination is supposed to be.  I have learned that the destination seems to keep changing anyway … at least in my life.  So why not accept where you are just for right now. It makes life a whole lot simpler.

“Thoughts are not the truth. They are just thoughts. They do not arrive from God. Do not give them this power.”
How many of us give our thoughts significant power? I know I do or at least did. I am still working on this one. I once read a book on buddhism that really helped me understand that thoughts were just that – thoughts. Your being is the center and the thoughts are just inanimate things floating around you . They have no effect on you unless you choose to let them. You are stronger then your thoughts.

“You are not obliged to think your thoughts.”
I remember when I learned this. It was a totally foreign concept to me. What? Why would your own brain lie to you? How could your thoughts be wrong? Why would you not believe yourself? The truth is your thoughts are a product of numerous things. What other people say to you, your experiences, and how you perceive the world. They may be right, wrong, insignificant or just not worthy of being accepted. I found myself focusing too much on what other people told me. These were not my own thoughts but those of others and not worthy of my brain space.

“Great men are forged in fire, and lesser men light the fire”.
This is one of my favorites. It translates to me as those of us who get consumed by the flames and fight the battle become the great ones. That is if we figure out what to do with it. Those who just sit by and stoke the fire are just maintaing in life. I suppose many of you will translate this differently. I found it incredibly eye opening that there are books that I have gone back and read a second time and I translate a whole new meaning from the words. I do believe it depends on where you are in your life.

This story takes place in Greece. Life seems simpler. There is no importance placed on materialistic things. The important things are filtered out and allowed space in your life. Good food, good wine, and good friends.  Anyone want to go to Greece with me? Let’s get our tickets…

Side note:   Sara Alexi has a series of books called The Greek VIllage. This was from book 7. I think I must read the others!


Stacey Schneider

Stacey Schneider

Welcome to my first venture into the world of blogging! Why the name for this blog you may ask? For a long time those who surrounded me tried to "fix" me. It took me a long time to realize I AM NOT BROKEN! Hence, I do not need fixed. Life has thrown so many unexpected things my way as it does for so many of us. I have learned it is all just a part of my journey. What really counts is what you do with that knowledge you have acquired along the way. So stay tuned and thanks for choosing to continue on my journey with me.
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